Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Loot!

Click to enlarge...For the full effect!
Look at all the goodies! And this isn't even everything! The Rally folks were super-generous with the prizes they gave out. The little training bag with the red handle (upper left)  is one of two I got. They also gave me the two throwing toys, 4 leashes, another of those big green toys like those in the blue bag, and for Wilson's 1st place, that huge red dragon toy. It is so cute (with 16 squeakies inside!) I am not going to let the boys ruin it, at least not for a while! The blue duffle and the two green stuffed toys are from the agility folks. The bag has a really cute logo of a Cardi jumping through a tire. And in the lower right corner, the two frames are my prizes from the photo contest. All in all, quite the haul, wouldn't you say?!

And of course, despite all of these lovely prizes, I had to do a bit of retail therapy to soothe my agility disappointment (of course, had I done well in agility, I still would have bought it as a reward!)....The woman who does the amazing silver Cardigan jewelry (Barbara Braumuller Gurwell of Brigwyn Jewelry) was there and I couldn't pass up this adorable little pendant.....

She really captured the Cardi "frog" or "flying squirrel" pose, don't you think?

I also went a bit nutty buying things at the Performance dinner silent auction (I blame it on way a bit too much wine!), but didn't take any pictures of my over-indulgence....

I plan on giving away the training bag (it could double as a garden bag, too) and one of the leashes so stay tuned.......


  1. Wow, that is some impressive loot! Er, we wouldn't be able to resist retail therapy either!

  2. Nice loot haul!

    That red toy should take a lot of effort to destroy, since the squeakers are unpopable- they squeak even after being punctured (I've had two similar to that since Christmas without being destroyed).

  3. You guys were great in Rally and I loved watching you in agility! So glad to finally meet you! :)

    1. Hi Heather!
      Thanks! It was great meeting another Jersey Girl, even if we are from opposite ends of the Garden State.


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