Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sit! Stay! Pay!

About a week ago, whenever it was that I uploaded my latest blog header, I received the distressing news that my blog was officially out of free storage space. Blogger gives you one gig for free and after that's used up, it's time to pay up! Fortunately, they don't gouge you too badly. For $5 a year, I was able to rent an extra 20 gig. That will take quite a while to fill! Of course, at this point, when you start handing over money to increase your blog size, they know they've got you hooked! So hopefully I don't see the rates creep up every year.

With that being said, I can post a lot more photos with no fear of running out of space! You have been warned......

I am so much more handsome than Wilson!

Jimmy doesn't know I just pee'd on that patch of sand he's sitting on!


  1. Oh no, get off the pee!!! I didn't know there was even a limit on the blog space - thank you for the warning!

  2. I ran out a few months ago (yikes!). Scared the crap out of me, actually. :) So yeah, I paid the $5, too. Might last me through the summer at the rate I'm going. Oh, and my hard drive is over 65% capacity. Sad!

  3. I saw this coming on my blogs and I went back and started changing the photo sizes which freed up a lot of space. My understanding is it's your photo space and not the writing that they are speaking of. Change the size to medium when you use photos and you will have lots of room.


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