Sunday, February 12, 2012

Come to the Land of the Ice and Snow......

With the pleasantly mild winter we've been having, I have a feeling the paltry little flurries we had this weekend might be all I get for winter photographs. (Having just temped fate with that last statement, I probably just guaranteed a full-on blizzard in March!)  Today was a more typical February day, windy, just 21 degrees, and quite brisk!

Just a little icing around the edges.

Looking quite dapper

Wilson blending in nicely in a Bev Doolittle style photo.

Jimmy, not so much! Did you even notice Wilson in this picture?

Follow, follow, follow, follow....Follow the snowy white road!
 Alas, I did not end up in Oz, despite travelling with Munchkins.

Watch out where the Cardis go, and don't you eat that yellow snow!


  1. BRRRR! Looks like you had a great walk there. Momma's right, you gotta watch out for that yellow snow!

  2. What great pictures! Like the scenery too!

  3. Your Bev Doolittle comment is so true! Great pics.

  4. I love that picture of Wilson blending in. It's like he planned what to wear!

  5. I love these photos (and your wit)! Yellow snow. :) Maybe we'll get some more this weekend? Well, you probably will.


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