Monday, February 20, 2012


When dealing with copious amounts of shedding corgi fur, it's best to select rugs that can naturally disguise the fallout. It helps to cut down on time spent vacuuming.

Dreaming of his next snack.....

This rug is located between the stove and the kitchen island. This is a common and popular lounging spot for Wilson. It keeps him close to the food and ensures he misses nothing during nap time! And, yes, we have tripped over him on more than one occasion, thus spilling our food, and achieving his goal!


  1. I have done the same thing while looking for rugs. Now that we are in a house that is 100% porcelain tile (yes....ahhh) we needed something to warm things up a bit. and white houndstooth in the dog/laundry room. Then the more serious decision....the Navajo in the living room...busy, busy colors of all hues. Hides the hair for a good day or so!


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