Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wilson's WORDY Wednesday - 500th Post Giveaway!

Today's Wilson's (Not So) Wordless Wednesday is coinciding with my 500th! blog post. So today, instead of being wordless, I am going to take this opportunity to announce a GIVEAWAY to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

I am not going to attempt anything tricky. I will just use to generate a random number based on the number of comments I get. But, that doesn't mean that, you, my dear commenter, will get off scot-free. In your comment please tell me a favorite memory/funny story of one/all of your dogs. It can be just a couple of sentences like "My favorite memory of Snoopy was the day he aced his CGC....",or, "Back when I had Dylan, I loved the long walks we took through the local park. Everyone always asked what kind of dog he was." This way, we all get some fun comments to read.

Now, pray tell, what is the carrot before the horse (errrr....Cardi!) that makes leaving a comment a worthwhile use of your precious time?

Whoever the lucky winner turns out to be....I will award them an eCard from Starbucks for $25! This way, the only info the winner will need to provide me is an email address, and Starbucks will send you the eCard. Even if you are not a coffee drinker, I think you should be able to find something in the Starbucks line to interest you.

I will select the winner sometime next Wednesday the 25th of January. That should give everyone a chance to leave a comment. One comment per person please, just to keep it clean and easy to pick the winner.

So, what do you say? Are you feeling lucky? Do you want to play?


  1. One that will always stick with me:

    I used to bring my cardi and my vallhund to work with me everyday, i worked at a kite shop in Newport RI at the time.
    The pups would hang out -loose- in the doorway, sidewalk, in the shop.

    One beautiful day Sam had just stepped out of the threshold onto the sidewalk when a couple of guys came along. Short jean shorts, irish brogues twisted with a flamboyant lilt in it and one said to the other. "honey look, he walked in the cold water and his legs shrank!"
    I am pretty certain that they did nto hear laughing my a$$ off inside having heard this....

    We also used to get large groups of people, usually Navy guys, walking down the street at night headed out to their bar. One guy would make a short comment, or a funny dog comment, etc and it would ripple through the group. Then there would always be one person who would stay back come over and pet the pups and tell them "they just do not know how cool you are."

  2. Kip and I were part of the Read To The Dog program. We had a group of 2nd graders that read below grade level. They would come in once a week and read to Kip. One day a regular came in and started reading. Kip seemed more attentive to him than usual. Then the little boy began crying. Kip began cleaning the tears as they fell. The evening before, his dog had been hit by a car and killed.

    My sweet boy knew this child needed extra attention and took care of that need.

  3. I had wanted to get a Pembroke Welsh Corgi for years. Finally, when I no longer worked full-time, I decided to bring home a brother and sister from the same litter. There aren't many Corgis of either variety in my little northeast Iowa town. We would literally stop traffic on our daily walks with people stopping to ask what kind of dogs they were or people sharing a wonderful story of their own experience with a Corgi.
    We also pass by a nursing home on our walks... I can't tell you how many faces light up with smiles when we pass by.

  4. One of my favorite dog stories is NCC, it is about Ike, my Schnauzer. He is a very unique dog and has a small circle of people he really loves, other than family. While his circle is ever expanding, it takes a lot to make inroads with him (he is fearful of people). I had taken Ike to see an animal communicator/Reiki healer and she commented that he was a healer himself. We thought this was interesting as he would often lay his paws on us with pressure in certain ways that seemed premeditated.

    A few weeks later a very good friend came to visit us. He father had unexpectedly died the week before. This person had always been one of the chosen favorites with Ike. We were talking about our friend’s father, and our friend was becoming emotional, when Ike jumped up on the couch and stood on our friend and held his stance. We firmly believe Ike was doing some much needed energy healing with this friend.

  5. This isn't my favorite memory, but it was funny, and I've already told just about all my stories...

    So when JF was still a pup (about 4 mos old) I took him to my daughter's bus stop. On this particular afternoon, I got him out of the car (on leash) and walked over to visit with someone while I waited. Shortly later, the bus (of middle schoolers) pulled around and I heard a male child bellow, "Hey, look at that cool wiener dog!" When I turned to look, he and several of his friends were hanging out the bus windows to get a look at Jon Farleigh. I did not have the heart to correct him. :) My daughter and I still talk about it. *****

    Congrats on your 500th post! That's awesome (and so is this giveaway)!

  6. So I took my Gracie to a Pet Expo this past weekend. It's basically just a bunch of vendors selling items for pet owners, but there was also obedience and agility demonstrations. I like to take Gracie because she gets to meet lots of people and other dogs - it's a good socializing exercise.

    Anyway, they have a number of booths with rescues and one of them is a pig rescue. They had a couple of pot-belly pigs in a pen for the kids to pet (wow, they are big) and also a couple of little baby piglets.

    One of them is about Gracie's height and probably weighs 10-12 pounds, max. He's all black and comes wiggling over, looking for attention. I pet him & he wags a lot and sticks his snout thru the chicken wire. Very friendly and loved attention.

    Next thing I know, he's nose to nose (actually touching) with Gracie, who's also wiggling and wagging. And then they start kissing - licking each other's noses!

    I dunno if that little guy thought Gracie was another pig or Gracie thought he was a puppy, but they were having a great time together. I got laughing so hard that I totally forgot to take a picture.

    I wonder if you raised him in a home with a dog that he would grow up thinking he was a dog?

    Anyway, it was great fun!

    Congrats on #500!

    Mary Kaminski, owned by
    Gracie, the blue CWC
    Philadelphia, PA

  7. Well I have so many stories but a new one from this week. My dear Beli boy is spoiled and pretty much gets away with murder but... I was cozy and curled up on the couch the other night and this terrible racket noise starts, I sit up on the couch thinking it was a massive water leak or some other travesty going on. The next thing I know Beli is dragging a heavy winter coat out of my mothers room by the pocket, no telling where he found it! He then proceeds to start chewing on the pocket so I pounced on him and his birthday treats were in the pocket! I guess thats what she gets for stealing HIS cookies:-))

  8. Congratulations on your 500th post!! I have lots of memories of both Darby and Pumpkin but have to say my favorites are of when I first saw them in person. Darby's breeder, Leda, had taught her her name, so when I saw her in her crate at the " oversized baggage" counter at the airport and said "Darby" her head swiveled my way and the ears perked up! I fell in love! Pumpkin was at the Branson airport in Leda's arms waiting for me to get off a plane, pick her up and carry her back onto the same plane I just got off! She was the cutest tri-colored creature I had ever seen and she stayed quiet as a mouse under the seat in front of me the whole flight.

  9. Congrats!
    When I was a kid, we had a collie named Shadow, and my sisters and I actually taught him how to play tag. We had a lot of fun running around the farm chasing each other!

  10. When I was a kid, I always loved taking my dog to the "Pet Show" we had every year. :)
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  11. I have several, but the one that comes to mind today is when I first relaized that Magic was alerting me to low blood sugar, without training and without quitting when I was so out of it I didnt understand, but he did not give up and let me sleep. And when Magic thinks that taking care of wheelchair bound people is more of a priority than staying in the obedience ring. And then of course there is when Peace won her best in show. I could go on and on!

  12. Congrats on your 500th blog post!!! It's 2:30 in the morning, I could probably use some coffee right now. No, not really. LOL cause heading back to bed soon. Got up an hour ago to walk dogs and decided to check facebook and blogs. So since my brain cells aren't fully awake, I'm having a hard time thinking of my favorite memory. Sad, I know. So, I'm going to tell my most recent favorite moment. Went in to check on the 2 week old puppies a little while ago and one of them has their eyes open now and was looking at me. So cute. I took a picture of her and will put on my blog tomorrow.


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