Thursday, January 12, 2012

What Is It About Dogs and Crotches?

Not what you were expecting, maybe?

Wilson is always the polite one, so he kept his nose to himself!

I think I'll have a lot of disappointed Google-searches arrive today, what with the word "Crotches" in my title. I seriously doubt this is what they were seeking when they  searched on the word "crotch" ;-)


  1. Love it! I think it qualifies as "priceless"!

  2. That will probably be your #1 search if you check your stats in about a month! Love Wilson's tongue!

  3. Oh, no. You're in trouble.

    Is that what a forked tree trunk is called? You could lie and I'd never know the difference. :)

    BTW - I thought you might like tor read this post I found. Just goes to show there's more than one way to release a Kraken. hehe


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