Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scenes of Myrtle Beach......but NCC

NCC....No Corgi Content

Believe it or not, I actually do take pictures of something other than my dogs! Gasp!

I am going to start with my favorite shot from the trip. Clicking the picture should launch a slide show....

This was shot around 4:00 PM so the sun was beginning to set. I love the misty feel of the picture and the golden light.

Here's pretty much the same view, but at midday and bright light. Look at all that beach and no people! The town was so empty while we were there. What a treat!

Next are two shots of some palm trees out in front of our condo building. These were shot looking east over the Atlantic Ocean while the sun was setting. The pink hues and full moon made for a gorgeous sight!

And finally, a sight you may not have seen before if you stay in colder climes during the holiday season....
Decorated palm trees!

We often talk of selling our condo in order to get out from under the work involved in renting it, maintaining it, the long drive, etc., but it's scenes like these that always convince us otherwise!


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