Friday, November 18, 2011

I Am Often Asked........

......But do they shed?

This came off of Wilson after his bath today. There was easily this much again clinging around the drain, plastered up and down the bathroom walls from the post-bath shake, and the hall carpet was a whole new color due to a layer of fur. And it's still coming out as Wilson's coat finishes drying!  I guess he was a tad overdue for a bit of grooming!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Dare (our Blue Merle BC) is dreadfull when he sheds it gets everywhere...

  2. Well, I look at that post-bath shake as a precursor to cleaning the bathroom walls. Might as well, they're all wet anyway.

    And we solved the post-bath shed issue with the carpet. We got a new gray carpet to match our blue merle, Gracie.

    I suspect the gray wouldn't be as successful with brindle, red &/or tri corgis LOL!

    It is amazing just how much fur can come off of one dog.

    Mary Kaminski, owned by
    Gracie, the blue CWC
    Philly, PA


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