Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Weekend Report - Aaarrrrgh!

I treated myself to a long weekend and signed up for just Friday of a three-day trial.

The first run of the day was JWW, and it was a nice course, not too tricky. Jimmy gave me a beautiful run, speedy and enthusiastic. Unfortunately the last jump was a triple, and he nicked the top bar just hard enough to make it drop. So close, so close, but as they say...Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades!

The only thing I notice in the video was that my last stride was a tad wonky, so maybe that's what messed up Jimmy. Here's the run:

Next came Time 2 Beat, one of the AKC "games". The fastest dog gets the ribbon and 10 points, and everyone else gets points based on how close their time came to the winner. I am not too concerned about titling in T2B, so of course we Q'ed and with a speedy run earned 7 points. To earn a title you must total 100 points and have earned 15 legs, so we will be a while earning this one. We've got 2 legs and 15 points!

And last but not least, Excellent Standard. It was another nice course and, bless his little heart, Jimmy gave me a nice table performance! Our trouble came with a tunnel to the Aframe. Jimmy shot through so fast, I got in his way as he came out. As a result I blocked his view, and he wasn't sure if he should take the Aframe. He balked a little, enough for a refusal but the judge was kind and didn't call it. Next was 4 jumps to the finish. The jump right after the Aframe was straight  ahead. I turned to the next jump just a bit too soon and pulled Jimmy off the correct jump.  The judge gave me the Aframe and I mishandled the next jump. The Agility gods evened the score ;-)

Here's the run:

I really am starting to get a complex about being able to qualify! Ring nerves sure are taking a toll!


  1. I just love the videos! So cool!

  2. ring nerves suck. i always go to the line and think about what a good dog I have. it helps. lol.

    jimmy is so cute. seriously. like a black bullet.


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