Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Other Black Beauty

Handsome devil, isn't he? OK, I'm a little bit partial......

The blog title I chose brings up an old memory of first Cardi, Dylan. When he was a young pup and then an busy adolescent, he had free run of my apartment at the time. I knew nothing of crate training and the many benefits it provided. So, of course, it was always a crap shoot as to what I would find when I got home from work. He did an incredible amount of damage on his journey to adulthood! On one particular day, I came home to find he had taken an interest in the small bookcase I had. It was a piece of furniture my father had made by hand and had done a beautiful job with. Dylan had chewed off one of the corners, and scattered all the books around on the floor. The books were mainly contemporary novels, left over college text books, etc. Dylan had pretty much ignored all of the books, except one. The only one I really didn't want torn up, my 1929 copy of Black Beauty filled with beautiful color plates by the artist N.C.Wyeth. The cover was chewed to ruin, many pages torn out and the binding tugged apart. It was a total loss and fit only for the trash can. *Sigh*  It was completely my fault. A young dog should never be left to his own devices. But why, oh why, did he have to pick that book?


  1. I just don't understand why black dogs are the last to be adopted. One look at Jimmy and it's plain to see that black dogs are just so doggone handsome!

    So sorry about the book. Penni's right - they do just know somehow.

    Mary and Gracie, the blue CWC
    Philly, PA

  2. Yup, they know. Just like Nick decided to chew on the corner of our brand new Henkle-Harris bed. I wanted to cry. Chew on the crappy furniture, knothead!

  3. He is a beauty. :)

    Like a fine aged wine, it must have been the intoxicating bouquet. :) (Seriously, it was probably "stinkier" than the others.) But, hey, now you have the memory, right?


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