Friday, September 2, 2011

Beginnings and Endings

I haven't had my camera out much recently so I don't have any new photos to share. So, I thought I'd look at ones I have but not posted before.

This first one is of our first night ever with baby Wilson. We drove all the way to the big Lexington, KY dog show to meet him (and Marla), a long 10 hour drive. Obviously we weren't going to just turn around and drive home so we stayed at the La Quinta. Here's Wilson relaxing on the bed:

Wilson thinking: Gee, knuckle bones as big as my head! Maybe this "new home" thing won't be so bad after all!

Next, Jimmy on one of his very early days with us. Hard to believe he was ever so small!

Trouble Contained!!!!!
As this weekend marks the traditional end to summer, I am both glad and sad. I love that the weather will give way to crisp, low humidity days and beautiful colors on the trees. I am sad as the hours of daylight dwindle and we have less and less time to play outdoors. The boys don't care about the daylight, the night sounds and smells are equally fascinating as far as they are concerned. They say "Bring on the cold weather, that's what we love!"

Have a great 3-day weekend, everyone!


  1. That is just flat out precious! Hard to believe Jimmy was ever a puppy...he has such an old soul. I bet Wilson loved that knuckle bone! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Oh! my! They are adorable! Nothing like corgi puppies for cuteness!

  3. Happy long weekend! I wish you (and Erika by default as you are so close to each other!) and long, lovely fall. We don't "do" fall in very sourthern, Southern California. I'm envious of the changes you'll be enjoying soon!

  4. I think I might die. :) Have a nice holiday weekend!


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