Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kicking Up Dust!

Here's another photo courtesy of Anne. I really like this one because Jimmy is moving so fast he's kicking up dust! I also love the body language he is displaying. His head is down and you can just see how very focused he is on the task of getting that sheep. I also like the way the white tip of his tail stands out. All in all, a great action shot!

Click to enlarge

Also, the professional photgrapher has his pictures posted as of today. Click HERE  if you want to see those. Look for the Saturday Herding Test in the second row. Wilson is the 2nd dog and Jimmy is a bit further on.


  1. Great picture! Get those sheepies, Jimmy!

  2. Great form, Jimmy! Wish the Bear had something to herd. If he bites my back legs one more time I'm goin' pin his ears back!

  3. It is a great shot! Go Jimmy!


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