Friday, May 6, 2011

Wildlife on our Walk

Our morning walks are often filled with wildlife sightings. This little boxturtle was smack in the middle of the paved trail. Jimmy and Wilson both gave him a close-up sniffing so he wasn't coming out for a better picture!

This Canada Goose family was on the shore grazing, but returned to the water with lightening speed. It's amazing how fast the babies can run when they see danger!

And finally, the exotic black and white dwarf water-cow, seen here chowing down on his favorite food. There is nothing tastier than the new grass at the water's edge.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Love that dwarf water-cow! I think I've seen one of those before. :) Love the turtles; I always stop to move them out of the road - unless they be the snapping variety.

    BTW - Like Penni said on my blog, I've heard Firefox can solve loading issues. There's also Google Chrome (which I've got on my own PC). How odd that Internet Explorer doesn't like my blog. :{

  2. That dwarf water-cow is quite an exotic animal! What a wonder place you have for walks!


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