Sunday, April 17, 2011

You're Getting Sleepy.....Very, Very Sleepy.....

Yesterday was a cold, windy and very rainy day in the the Mid-Atlantic region.....however it was still possible to be very cozy and comfy......It was a fun day spent with old and new friends surrounded by many, many Cardigans of all ages. The youngest among them spent a good bit of the time napping.

Can you almost smell the puppy breath?


  1. I like puppy breath, too. But! Puppy freckleage is what does me in, and there was a lot of it going on it that group of pups -- freckles on muzzles and bellies and toes! How fun! ALMOST makes me want another one.

  2. They were so stinkin' cute, weren't they? Yet, not enough to want to bring one home since we are still under the supreme rule of Naughty Nick. It was fantastic to meet you, Jimmy and Wilson yesterday! We will need to try and get together again sometime this year.

  3. Great to see you and the boys again. Maybe we will make it back up in October.

  4. Was so nice to meet you, Jimmy and Wilson in real life! I'm still amazed at how well all those cardis behaved!

    I'm so glad you took pictures of the Brady kids; I didn't get a single one. They are so fluffing adorable! I can still smell that puppy breath...ahhh.


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