Monday, April 18, 2011

The Usual Suspects

This past weekend saw a secret gathering of some of the blogoshere's top Cardigan Corgi's........

Here we have mastermind brothers Spencer and Wilson. These serious thinkers were hard at work in the kitchen, scoping out the food platters. Don't let their calm demeanors and poker faces fool you, they were definitely up to something!

Next, we had the handsome man-about-town, Dewi, working the crowd. This fella was at the top of the Sexiest Cardi Alive list, or so Spencer thought! He couldn't keep his eyes (or his paws) off!

We also have Dewi's faithful sidekick, Jon Farleigh. His job was to collect as many of  the chew-bones as he could find. Here he's seen scoping out the toy box across the room.

Ah, yes, and then there is Naughty Nick aka Dirty Nick ...busy taking incriminating photos of the whole sordid get-together. He'll probably get a big pay-off in chew-bones just to keep everything on the down-low.

The beautiful and successful Scout is seen giving her children a talk about ignoring bad influences, as mothers so often do......


And finally, we have come full circle, back to the brains of the operation. It appears they may have given Jimmy some kind of drug to loosen his tongue, but by the look on Spencer's face, I would say it didn't produce the desired intel. Wilson is just lying back in his best Dogfather pose, figuring he'll take care of Jimmy later, at home, when no one's around to save him.


  1. Nick says he'll take blackmail payments in the form of buffalo jerky or peanut butter. In small unmarked packages, of course.

  2. Poor Spencer has gone from Uncle Grump to Uncle Perv. If word gets out, he will lose his position of Cardi Ambassador to the world. His lawyers are working on enforcing his consular immunity.

  3. Don't worry about Spencer's rep. It will remain intact (and I seriously did not intend that pun).

    The photos are great, Taryn, and the story made me chuckle. :)

  4. Reading all of your blogs, it seems like a FUN time was had by all. If only I lived a bit closer to the action!

  5. Luv it! the more cardis the better!


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