Friday, April 29, 2011

Jumble Jim

Here's a shot of Jimmy from a couple of weeks ago before the leaves filled in. He's standing on the cut up remains of a fallen tree. As is usual with Jim, I had a tough time getting him to look at the camera. He doesn't seem to have the super-model gene that Wilson does. For that matter, I repeatedly had to remove Wilson from the log pile to get a shot of just Jimmy. Wilson kept climbing up and posing!

But, after a few unsuccessful attempts to pull Jimmy's eyes toward me, I looked over where he was looking....

No wonder he couldn't focus on me! These guys/gals were only about 25 feet behind us. Thankfully, they used the stand-perfectly-still technique of not being seen. If they had flashed their white tails and fled, I am sure Jimmy would have gone with them.


  1. Isn't it nice when the deer "pose" for us?

  2. All 3 of mine would have chased the deer if they'd seen them at all - moving or not. Maggie has the sense to give up early - when she realizes she can't catch them. Ziggy gives up early because sustained exertion just isn't his style. Rip would chase them forever, I think.

    From reading your posts, I get a feeling Jimmy and Rip together would be more trouble than any one person could stand....

  3. Jimmy was good to stay on that log. Dewi would've been gone. JF would've barked and then hid behind my legs.

    Cool photo of the deer.

  4. And he didn't try to herd them...What a good boy! What a great place to live! Beautiful!


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