Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh, Yes, He Did!

For our after-work walk yesterday, I chose a loop that would give the boys the most off-leash opportunities. As a result, the last half mile or so wound along my neighborhood's biggest lake. It has a nice paved trail and is safely away from the roads. Jimmy was busy doing his geese-police gig, and Wilson was running down along the water's edge, as he often does, ever hopeful for a swim.  I am ahead of Wilson, pointing out geese to Jimmy. I look over to see Wilson intently sniffing something. I yell over Leave It! Come! but he ignores me completely. The smell is just too good. I see the body language of a roll starting to form, so I run over to put a stop to that monkey business.  Yuck! It's a large and very dead fish! I snap on the leash and drag him away, thankful I got to him in the nick of time. We continue on our way and arrive at home. I always hose off their feet before bringing them in. While doing Wilson's, I notice he doesn't smell so good near his head. I run a bit of the hose water around his neck, dry his feet/ neck and in we go. A few minutes later as we are all sitting in the kitchen warming up dinner, John asks what stinks? And I have to admit, Wilson is getting riper by the minute! I guess getting in the warmer air (and the lack of a fresh outdoor breeze) is bringing out the odor.  It's actually pretty darn disgusting! I guess afterall, I did not catch Wilson before he managed to get in a neck-dive or two  on that nasty fish!

So, my after-dinner time was spent giving an unscheduled bath to Wilson. And since the bathroom was now covered in fur from floor to ceiling, Jimmy got one just for good measure! Oh, and Melissa, your tip about the steel wool around the drain worked like a charm! I had no clogging what-so-ever!

Wilson's word for the day:

 REEK –verb (used without object)

1. to smell strongly and unpleasantly.
2. to be strongly pervaded with something unpleasant or offensive


  1. Wilson -- that's truly gross. I hate unscheduled baths!

  2. EWWWWW! Nick got one yesterday - our housekeeper came and I guess the sounds of someone in the house who wasn't going to love him got him so upset that he pooped all over and then of course tracked it everywhere in the room and got it all over himself. Needless to say, by the time I finished cleaning it up, mopping the floors, trying to get the poop off the walls, and gave Nick a bath/shower...I didn't fee much like eating dinner. Bleh!

  3. Oh, that's vile! :( I had a dalmatian growing up who slurped an-at-least-week-old dead(big)conch out of its shell and rolled on it. In my opinion, dead marine life is worse than skunk.

  4. Wilson, I can't believe you would want the stench of fish on you! Gr-oss!!

  5. Maggie wants Wilson to know that she's proud of him. Dead fish is one of stinkiest things a Corgi can find! Well done.

    Maggie's mom does not agree with Maggie's love of stink. She once rolled on a dead fish, and came back with maggots on her neck. Special girl.

  6. My horde loves to go to the lake/river for the same reason. There's seldom enough supervision to make an entire trip/walk without someone becoming incredibly stinky. Of course, those who lag behind are always jealous that I stop the party before they can get some, too! Carson says, "Go Wilson!"


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