Sunday, March 6, 2011

Naughty Puppy Tale

Janet's recent post about naughty puppies
 had me reminiscing. Wilson was a truly sainted little pup. He had exactly three potty accidents in the house, all our own fault. He kept his chewing to a minimum, only damaging a couple of low window sills that were right at chin level to a youngster. We did manage him carefully using a crate when we weren't home, but usually he was a good boy even when he was free.

However, there was one odd little item to which he was very attracted:

He went around the house and removed every rubber tip for all the doorstops, even ones in  out of the way locations.

This is how they are supposed to look with the little rubber stopper still in place:

Most of these little tips were never found which leaves just one likelihood. They made a nice snack for Wilson. I never did notice them in his poops but he also never had any side effects so I guess there was no harm done.

The funniest part of all was, when we were sure he was 100% on his house breaking, we left him with friends while we went on vacation. We went to pick him up, and asked if he had been a good puppy, no messes in the house, too much barking, etc. They said he was a perfect little guy except for one thing. He ate all the rubber tips off their doorstops!


  1. Great story! Darby never bothered the rubbertips, but within days of coming to live with us, Pumpkin had (presumably) eaten the one off the door in our bedroom -- the only one she has access to!

  2. Hmmm, Nick has already tried to eat one. And it's only his first day at home.....

  3. I think the behavior rises to the level of Fetish. Something must have been missing in their younger puppyhoods.

  4. We're missing a few of those, too. Wilson must have liked the rubber smell/taste. I had a cat who ate plastic grocery bags and obsessively licked plastic shower curtains. :(

  5. Ah-h-h! Life with a puppy, always interesting!

  6. Byron did that, then he pulled the stopper out of the wall all together. Oh well.

  7. Sly, Wilson, sly!

    I wish that's all Rip tore up....

  8. We all have our vices, yes? :-)


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