Thursday, February 24, 2011

For Penni

Penni at Elyan Cardigans always treats all of us to her ever-so-lovely New Mexican skies, so I thought I would return the favor. Here are a couple of sunsets out the bedroom window of our condo. Maybe not quite a stunning as out west, but still some very pretty colors. And of course, the land is as flat as a board this close to the ocean.


  1. Very pretty! When I am on the east coast I get a little disoriented because I know where the ocean is in relation to me, but the sun doesn't set over it like it should!

  2. Very pretty shots, Taryn. I love sunsets regardless of where they are -- thank you.

  3. Ah, we do have some pretty sunsets - and sunrises too! One of my favorite times of day is driving to work and looking down the James River to the sunrise - with the Carillon and the railroad bridge it's really strikingly beautiful.

  4. It always reminds me of that old saying, red skies at night, sailors' delight...Beautiful...

  5. Great photos, where we live, you could say in the middle of the UK so we don't get many sunsets like that, even to see the sun would be good!!
    See Yea George xxx
    PS like yourr steps photo to ;)


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