Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Snowy Saturday Morning

We had an even bigger dusting of snow overnight Friday into Saturday. Here are a few pictures from our morning walk....

Jimmy giving the Ultimate Raspberry...Nanner, nanner, Wilson, you can't catch me!

Snow makes Wilson extra-jiggy! Look at those nutty eyes!

More of the chase game.....

Later on after the game of tag, here's Wilson down by the lake......


  1. That neener-neener photo is great!

  2. That looks like TONS of fun. Little Janie got to run and play in the snow today, too! Snow is like magic - it turns Janie into the ENERGIZER Puggy!
    Have a fun day.
    Joan & Jane Austen Eyre

  3. His brother had the same crazy eyes in the snow at 5:30 this morning!

  4. Snow brings out the zoomies in my girls too! Looks like they had lots of fun.


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