Friday, January 7, 2011

Looking for Adventure.....

Scenes from our walk this morning......We had a very light dusting of snow overnight. I walked the boys up to one of the undeveloped fields about a mile from my house. It was teeming with wildlife tracks, smells, and of course, delicious poop. We made a circuit of the field and near a large stream bank, the Foxtrot started, and the off-leash priviledges ceased.


  1. Nice pictures! Looks like a great place to walk!

  2. The deer poop in and around my yard has gotten so bad that my two can't poop themselves - they're too distracted by the delicacy.

  3. Nice photos! I hope your current weather holds for a few more weeks--although you probably don't! We're planning a visit to Erika in Fredericksburg in a few weeks and this Southern Californian with a mid-westerner's heart would like some chilly weather.


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