Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

After an unusually busy holiday season, the boys are looking forward to a long winter's nap!

Back in November, we decided to remodel our kitchen. So not only did we have the usual holiday hustle and bustle, but we had a huge project going on. Fortunately, other than a bit of angst over what style of this or that to pick, everything went smoothly. John is a project manager for his job, and those skills really came in handy keeping everything running on schedule. The project is now 95% complete and life is returning to normal. Hopefully I'll  get back to taking pictures and finding time to do more posts here on the blog.

Wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year, filled with all the things that make your hearts sing!


  1. Happy New Year, Taryn and crew! How nice to have a 95% finished remodel in which to start the New Year.

    Melissa, Darby and Pumpkin

  2. Happy New Year back to you and the boys. Congratulations on (almost) completing your kitchen project with not bloodshed.

  3. Kitchen remodel - whewwww. I still have flashbacks over mine.

    Happy New Year to you and your boys!


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