Sunday, January 30, 2011

Before and After....but NCC*

For those of you who might not be subscribed to the Corgi-L email listserv where NCC is a well-known acronym, NCC stands for No Corgi Content.

Back in December, Wilson had one of his Wordless Wednesdays showing a project going on in our house.  We've been in our house since early 1998 and the kitchen has little by little started to show it's wear. As our neighbors have remodeled theirs, ours felt more and more in need of a facelift. So we jokingly said, when the first appliance finally bites the dust, we will start looking into what it will take. Well, the dishwasher was the first to call it quits, and after much should-we-shouldn't-we angst, we dove into a kitchen remodel during the holidays. It was a huging learning experience and John deserves 99% of the credit for getting it all pulled together. He ran a very tight ship and a very tight budget!

Here's the before look, a nice country style kitchen that had an apple theme wallpaper.....The photos do a good job of hiding all the faded wallpaper, scratched up cabinets, bump and scrapes....

And the after look, a suburban chic look, with pretty much the same layout, but a totally different feel....

The really great part was that almost none of our old kitchen went into the trash stream. We sold every last thing on Craigslist, right down to the old area rugs that we weren't going to try sell. But someone looking at our cabinet ad saw the rugs and wanted to buy just them! So, in the end, only our old Pergo flooring was trashed, well, and of course the old wallpaper :-) If ever you need to sell something, definitely give Craigslist a try, it truly is amazing what sells!

And of course, now the master bedroom bathroom is starting to look shabby in comparison........


  1. Looks awesome! Can't even tell it's the same kitchen! Great work...want to come help us now?? LOL

  2. Once you start, it's a tidal wave that sweeps through the house. It's especially tempting because the new kitchen looks awesome. Great job!

  3. Very awesome kitchen! I've def got to try to sell some stuff on CL. I'm a die-hard ebayer, but some of my stuff needs the craigslist approach I think!

  4. I love your new kitchen!!! How cool that you were able to sell most of the old stuff too.

  5. Wow. What a lovely remodel! The before look was very nice, but the after is very up-to-date and, as you said, chic. But, still warm and inviting.

  6. Really nice. My other half is a grad student in Interior Design at the Corcoran School of Art and Design and gives the reno a big thumbs up. Can't wait to see it in person.

  7. LOVE IT!

    Today I was driving up to my mom's and a cute little VW Beetle passed me - the vanity plate read:


  8. Your new kitchen is beautiful!


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