Sunday, December 5, 2010

Middleburg Christmas Parade

Yesterday was the Middleburg Christmas Parade, well known by corgi-folk, as they have a marching section called the Corgi Brigade. It was a cold and sunny day with a very large crowd. We barely made it into town on time due to the traffic jam on Rt.50. Last year's parade had the magic of a rare snowfall so it was hard to match that ambiance this year, but we still had fun. We parked on the east side of town and had to head west to the staging parking lot. The street was already closed down and lined with many people. Jimmy pranced and danced along, greeting selected folks as he went along. He was truly in his glory as if he was a one-dog parade and everyone was there to see him.

The parade starts with the Hunt coming through town:

Here are a few of the Cardis, ready to join the parade:

And here they are on the main street:

And finally, an adorable Pemmie, decked out with a Christmas Tree Saddle:


  1. It sounds like pure, unadulterated fun. It's great that there is a large enough group of corgi owners willing to make the parade part of their schedule.

  2. That looks like tonnes of fun. Are those hounds off leash? Pretty amazing that they are just puttering along!

  3. Oh! I wish I could have come with! Erika enjoyed Fredericksburg's parade and woke us with a phone call at nearly 11:00 last night to say it was snowing! Snowing on their first Christmas season in their new home! Great new banner photo!

  4. AW that looks like so much fun!

  5. Oh the HUNT! I so miss those scenes from living in hunt country Pennsylvania. Used to go with my boss, the equine vet, to check out the horses and the hounds at the hunt clubs nearby. So glad the Corgis, all of them, could participate too!


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