Monday, December 13, 2010

A First....

In Saturday's mail I received an envelope with a return address from a name I didn't immediately recognize. When I opened it, I realized it was from my agility instructor, using her new last name. She has just gotten married and I did not know what her new last name is.

Anyhow, in the envelope, was an invitation to a wedding reception/open house in January. It had the usual info of when and where with just one caveat: Well-behaved dogs may accompany their owners! How cool is that?

How about you? Have you ever been invited to a wedding reception that included your dogs?


  1. No, but I did go to my obedience instructor's dog's 14th birthday party two years ago - with at least 20 dogs and 20 people. (Holly the dog is still going at 16 now.)

  2. No...but I have threatened to bring a wild little Corgi girl to "Take Your Children to Work Day"!

  3. How great, and appropriate - considering who's getting married. I've never had a similar invite (then again, I'm not sure the Trio would make the best guests...)


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