Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Steps

Here's another installment of the George the Lad inspired theme. These steps certainly aren't anything of stunning beauty or such, but they do show very good, obedient boys! You see, this playground equipment is in a park that was built in an oak tree woods. The ground is littered with acorns and as a result, the squirrel population is enormous! The critters are everywhere, running to and fro! To make matters worse, I usually get here very early before the kids come to play, and let the boys loose to chase squirrels to their heart's content. So, they really didn't appreciate being asked to strike a pose when all they really want to do is try to catch a squirrel breakfast!


  1. VERY good dogs! Mine would definitely not pass the test. But, we will be working on that!

  2. Love it, thanks for joining in. They are turning into realy good posers. Plus you are the first bloggie furiend that has joined me, infact you have just given me an idea!!


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