Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Blog Collision!

Let's test everyone's blog-reading skills...Does anybody recognize the two lovely ladies on the left? I am the one on the right, just to make it easier! And of course you recognize my two boys, but do you recognize the adorable little girl Cardi on the left? Depending on the blogs you follow, you may know the answer.

This photo was taken today at an agility trial in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Jimmy had some good runs but alas, still did not get an Open STD leg. He did get on the table after putting a foot on, then off, then hopped up. So there was refusal #1, so we still had a chance. Alas he popped out at weave pole #10. Run done!

Also, in Open FAST the Send really was easy, just a jump to the teeter, but Jimmy doesn't love the teeter and needed more support from me before he was willing to do it. So we did not get the send or the Q.

And finally there was Excellent B JWW. It was an VERY tight course and NOT easy!

We had 48 seconds to get it done and Jimmy gave me a beautiful clean run in just 34.29 seconds. It wasn't fast enough to place but I did get another 13 MACH points! Yippee!

Now back to the blog collision.....They are Melissa/Bonnie ( and daughter Erika) from Darby's Daily! Just by pure coincidence, Melissa was traveling with Bonnie to return her to her daughter, and the timing just happened to work out that I was going to be in their town for the agility trial! So they stopped by the trial to say Hi! How very cool is it to meet up with a fellow Cardi-blogger all the way from the other coast?! It was so fun to meet them!


  1. Fancy that, its great meeting fellow bloggers, I follow her. I just don't now how you follow those maps! mom has trouble following road maps.
    That last post on the beech, I take it the dogs go on the jetski!! do they?
    See Yea George xxx

  2. Hi George, Yes, the boys do ride the jetski. They each have a bright orange life jacket. We have a big 3-seater jetski so Jimmy rides on the seat between me and John, and Wilson rides in the footwell. It works great for short rides! Unfortunately, no one has ever taken our picture when we are doing it. But it is funny to see people's reaction as we ride by!


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