Thursday, August 12, 2010

An Award all the Way from the UK!

I was very flattered recently to receive a blog award from Welsh Terrier "George" . I discovered his blog one day while hopping around on blog-lists. I absolutely love his header photo! Thank you George for passing this award my way!

Accepting this award comes with a few rules and requirements....I need to pass the award along to 15 (!) other bloggers that I have recently discovered and enjoy....I have quite a few blogs I follow that I don't have on my blogroll so I will feature some of these, although I don't think I will reach 15. Here goes, in no particular order:

1) A Cardi-blogger who discovered me first: Darby's Daily . This one is in my blogroll as she certainly blends in well with all of our Cardi-blogs.

2) Dr.Grumpy in the House , this is an anonymous neurologist's blog, who quite obviously was a comedian in another life. He writes about the silly things that occur in his practice, his life and in the news.

3) Honey Rock Dawn , this is a relatively new blog by Shreve Stockton, the young women behind the wildly successfully blog The Daily Coyote . She is a very talented writer and photographer!

4) By randomly looking at the blog of one of the commenters on Honey Rock Dawn, I found Red Dirt in My Soul . This woman lives in Wyoming near Shreve and her blog talks of the day to day details of a cattle ranch. Her lifestyle is so far from anything most of us can imagine! Lovely pictures, beautiful scenery!

5) Life with Dogs , a blogger with a great sense of humor, who keeps us up-to-date on dogs stories in the news, funny posts about the resident dogs, occasional contests, etc. This is another blogger who found me first.

There must be something in the water up in Canada because I have found so many bloggers up there that take amazing photographs! The next couple of blogs are an example....

6) Not only does this one have great photos, she weaves some hilarious stories around the pictures! 2 Woofs & a Woo

7) More wonderful photographs and scenery, Crazy and Little . And her professional site as well: Paws on the Run Photography

8) Another UK blogger who found me first, An English Shepherd . Flyball is the sport of choice for this pup!

The next two are a couple of professional photographers I enjoy viewing.

9) April Ziegler , a dog and wedding photographer in Philadelphia, Pa. She does a lovely job!

10) Leesia Teh , another dog photographer, and more lovely, lovely photos.

So there's my list of blogs I think are worth a look. I didn't make it to 15 and it certainly isn't complete, but these are blogs I have bookmarked for easy viewing.

Thanks again to adorable George over there in the UK! I know you must be a wonderful dog, as what else would we expect from a pup with Welsh origins!


  1. Thanks for the comment, are you going to put up 7 things about you, don't worry it can be about your dogs ;) I will take a look at the blogs that you have listed.
    See Yea george xxx

  2. I love the Dr. Grumpy blog. Too funny since I work in the medical field. Sadly it is all true and everything is experienced several times a day.

  3. Thanks for mentioning Darby's Daily! It will be fun to check out your "favs."


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