Monday, June 7, 2010

Self Portraits

I love to take photos. I find it fun and challenging. However, I HATE to be the subject of a photo! It is VERY rare that I see a photo of myself that I like. Cameras just don't seem to like me. They make me uncomfortable and I am sure that gets reflected in the picture.

The sliding glass door on our condo is very reflective. It might be coated with something to help keep the sun out, I don't know. I have often noticed how well it reflects the ocean scene behind me if I face in toward the livingroom. So, I decided to experiment with a self portrait. Of course you can't really see me in clear detail, which I like! But it gives some suggestions. The first one here includes my ever so loyal buddies.

This second shot catches the ocean behind me, and I do so love being at the ocean. But also, I think it is neat how if you look inside of my reflection, you can see John sitting indoors. He's right where my heart would be, and that's pretty darn appropriate since we have spent the last 20 plus years together!

Anyway, these are my attempt at being artsy :-)


  1. Wow! Nice job. I am impressed. I share your feeling about being photographed. Nice pictures!

  2. Very nice! I don't like to be photographed either...


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