Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good Ambassadors

On a cloudy day, we decided to take a small road trip south of Myrtle Beach to an old river town called Georgetown. It sits on the Sampit River. It's a quaint old town filled with well maintained colonial era and civil war era homes. As part of the day, we rode around in a little open air tram pulled by a jeep. Wilson and Jimmy were welcome to ride along. Both boys exhibited the best manners! Neither boy uttered so much as a peep. They just patiently rode around, staying in their seats. When the tour ended, several of our fellow tourists commented on what good dogs we had, and wanted to know the breed.....


  1. Ah!! That is awesome. What lucky dogs.

  2. Nice that they were allowed to join in the fun. They did themselves proud!

  3. How neat!! :-) What a good time you all had.


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