Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As the expression goes: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Here is my attempt at a photo like Shep's prize-winning shot from the Nat'l . Wilson is standing on a root-cluster that was washed up on the river's edge. The roots are not quite as pretty as the logs in her photo, but Wilson was still willing to strike a pose when I asked him to stand on it. I couldn't quite get the same angle because it would have meant kneeling or squatting down in the water, and it was WAY too cold for that. All in all, I like this picture, but it does lack the pizzazz of Shep's!

I attempted a similar shot with Jimmy, without much success. He must have hopped on and off about a half dozen times, thinking I was crazy to ask for a stay on such a ridiculous object. He ended up looking all hunched up due to his foot placement and a messy, wet coat.


  1. They are great pictures, looking quite the explorers ;-)

  2. i really like the colors with Wilson- it all matches very nicely- which is probably why it doesn't have the same "pop" as Sheps.

    still beautiful though!

  3. I like your pictures! Both very nice.

  4. Oh wow, I'm incredibly flattered! Actually, I really love the shot with Wilson, he just seems to be part of the flow within the river, the skyline and the roots. That one would be a gorgeous print; it has a serenity to it that I really like - emotionally, it's just very calming and lovely. :D

    Oh man, that angle on Corgis is tough. I can't blame you for not wanting to get into that water, but I actually like the way both dogs are set into the landscape. I can see Jimmy's not too sure about the experience (I can't blame him, I wouldn't stand up there either haha!) but he's got such a gorgeous coat, sigh. I want your coats! ;)

    Aw, thank you -- I think these shots turned out wonderful! Driftwood and root Cardis everywhere! The textures of the wood really are fun to shoot, aren't they? :D

  5. So what do you use to hold the dogs still for the photograph?

  6. I just ask for a Stay. I've worked that command an awful lot for my start line stay in agility, as well as going out the back door, so I can place them most places and tell them to stay. Jim is younger and wilder by nature so he has a bit more difficulty, but really they are both pretty good about it.....


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