Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thinking of the Cardi Nat'l Specialty.....

With this year's Cardigan Nat'l Specialty getting ever nearer and probably on the minds of many of us, I thought I'd post the montage photo I had made from Wilson's agility runs at the 2008 Nat'l. Photos were taken by V.W.Perry and the montage was designed by Susan Perry. Wilson was in the throes of his stress-related "no weaving" phase so we had no Q's, but it didn't keep us from getting some great pictures!

This year the Nat'l is a mere 65 miles from my house! I am so psyched! I am still getting a hotel room for Sunday/Monday nights to make the agility more convenient. This year I'll be able to come back and attend the Annual Banquet on Saturday night. The two years I went to it in KY, I drove home after agility was completed and missed the big event at the end.


  1. great collage! the Qs don;t matter in a photo :)

    always a bonus when nat'l specialties are close! we have both our agility and FCR nationals with in 2 hours this year, sure beats a 5 hour plane ride or a 17 hour drive like las year!

    good luck at yours!

  2. That's why I love still photography - you can take things out of context!

    This will be my 3rd Natl w/in easy driving distance. The benefits of moving around. I went to my first before I even had a Cardi. Oddly enough, I spent several hours sitting w/a red Cardi girl in my lap. That girl ended up being Moira's mom.....

  3. Great collage! Will you be at the Performance Banquet? If yes, I am looking forward to meeting you!

  4. Yes, I am planning on going to the Performance Banquet...I am going to Herding on Sunday (to watch), then to the hotel, agility Monday/Tuesday and back to work Wednesday, but will return on Saturday for the finale. I am definitely looking forward to meeting some of my blogworld friends!

  5. the collage is great! he looks pretty happy with himself!

    i wish it was closer- the american national sounds way more fun than the canadian one!!!!


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