Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rocketman makes an appearance in Open!

Well, today was Day One of our trial held by the Mattaponi KC. This one is in a horse barn on a dirt floor, fully enclosed, but pretty chilly.

There were a couple of areas of concern. A tough weave entry and an area of jumps that was just a bit tricky to manuever. Jimmy handled it all with complete finesse. He got the weaves on the first try, and gave me a nice rear cross, even though I ran up on it too close. We had 43 seconds to get it done, and Jimmy did it in 26.86 seconds. He was the fastest dog in the entire Open class! What a good boy! Here's the last section of my run. It was cold at 9am and the camera was slow to start up, so the first part was missed.

Next, of course, was Standard. No Q for us there as our arch nemesis, the table, caused some problems. I eventually got him to down, and off we went. He threw me another curve ball by blowing past the dogwalk, sigh. Two strikes and we were out. Even so, with a super slow table and extra time getting over the dogwalk, he finished in 64.59 seconds, and had 72 to get it done.

Many thanks to Dina, (Life with the Horde), for capturing my full run.


  1. Jimmy is a bullet! Can't wait to see him run in Gettysburg!

  2. Nice weaves. He's a fast little bugger! :-)


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