Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jimmy's 1st Agility Trial of 2010 - Day 1

Today we had Jimmy's first agility trial of the year. Fortunately it was at an indoor soccer arena, as today was a cold, rainy day.

The first run was Open JWW. Jim was a bit excited but not too bad. It was 3 regular jumps to a triple. Jimmy took a bar out of the triple as we turned the corner to the next jump. My handling always goes downhill after an NQ, so he got a refusal out of a rear cross I attempted, and then he took another bar a couple of jumps later. He also got a refusal on the weaves, but finished them just fine on the 2nd try. It was a fast course with SCT at 39 seconds and Jimmy did it in 33.

We then waited MANY hours for Novice STD as the last class of the day. Fortunately there is a Gander Mountain store across the parking lot. It always has great sales so there is plenty of opportunity for therapy shopping.

Finally around 5PM or a bit later it was time for Novice STD. It was a fairly easy course with just one trap, the dogwalk to the far end of the tunnel. The off course end stared straight at the dogwalk. It started with tire to dogwalk, and oddly, Jimmy refused the dogwalk. Second try, no trouble. Then it was tunnel, jump, teeter, which Jimmy also refused. The only thing I could figure was that it had gotten dark outside and made it very dreary indoors. I am thinking maybe Jimmy was put off by the odd lighting. And of course this was his first time trialing at an indoor soccer field so maybe that was just too odd for him...Who knows? Anyway, he did the teeter on the second try (and didn't even cuss me for correcting him!) and flew through the rest of the course. We had 66 seconds to get it done and even with re-working the 2 refusals, we finished in 46 seconds. Not too bad! AND this finished off his Novice STD title. WooHoo, good job Jimmy! The other 12 inch dogs didn't manage to qualify, so we even got the blue ribbon!

Jimmy is now Fine Creek's Sharp Dressed Man NA NAJ NF CGC.

And since I hate to post w/o any pictures, my other therapy shopping was for a couple of new charms for my Agility themed Italian bracelet. I got Wilson his NFP charm, and Jimmy got all 3 of his novice charms. There is a vendor who always sell the nicest charms at this particular trial. Are Italian charms bracelets popular in other parts of the country?


  1. Yaaay Team Jimmy!

    The charm bracelets seem to have run their course in our part of the country. When we first started showing they were big, but you don't see them so much anymore. In fact, at the show we are at this weekend, I don't think any of the vendors are selling them. You've got some really cute charms there.

  2. I have an Italian charm watch band and a bracelet that I won in the CWCCA National Raffle. Unfortunately, mine don't commemorate any accomplishments -- good job Jimmy (and excellent handler).

  3. Congrats on your title!

    My cardis have had trouble on turns after triple jumps as well. I have to make sure to run the line straight so they don't think they should turn the air (turn in the air over a triple inevitable led to a bar down for Maggie).


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