Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We've all got to earn our keep....... Jimmy puts in time as the resident Mail Shredder. Here he's seen in Idle Mode, waiting for the next piece of junk mail. I am not so sure I would let him shred my credit card statements, but for the less sensitive items, he gets the job done!


  1. My house looks about the same. They tore up the oatmeal box and the dishes from our supper at KFC. Lots of noise and activity. Guess I better clean tomorrow.

  2. Hahahahahaha...Rainbow got Grandma's magazines a week ago!

  3. Haha ! same at home....but less now because my Uyanga is almost 7, a grown-up !
    Your 2 are very cute.

  4. Im so happy that mine 9 dogs were not chewing stuff , when their puppy's I have seen one of them were chewing my husband shoes but I manage to stop that habit. But i gave them small blanket the one from the airlines this what they tear apart.

    Kiss and bark woof from Sunny Phnom penh Cambodia.


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