Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Teetering on the Brink of Insanity!

Well, here we go again! We have ANOTHER blizzard hitting the Washington DC metro area! Gale force winds and potentially another 20 inches of snow.....The Federal Gov't has closed for the third straight day, unbelievable!

Fortunately, the company I work for is very liberal about teleworking in bad weather, so as long as the power holds out, I can work from home. Thank goodness for today's technology 'cause I would hate to burn through my vacation for this BS.

The view out my kitchen window looks like something out of The Shining! The poor dogs are used to a minimum of a three mile walk each morning. Needless to say they aren't getting enough exercise these last few days! I am doing lots of obedience work to try and tire them out, plus long bouts of indoor fetch.

I doubt I will even post any photos as I am done with the whole snow thing!

Thanks for letting me rant!


  1. Amen Sister! While we haven't been hit quite as hard as you have, we are done w/the snow thing too.

  2. I understand. I look out the window and feel as if I am trapped in the Devil's Snowglobe. We'll have this stuff on the ground until Easter! Have just downloded "The Shining" to my e-reader...


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