Friday, February 19, 2010

Pure Joy!

Here in Virginia, we still have full snow coverage everywhere. There are no fun walks for the boys, just mundane sidewalk strolls to get the business done. The backyard is still too deep except for the "racetrack" we shoveled for them and it is turning into a muddy mess.

These pictures are of the moment I took the leash off of Wilson and set him free on the beach. He took off running huge loops around the sand, zigging this way and that, dodging Jimmy's attempts to tackle him. These photos aren't great but I do love to see the joy on his face!


  1. It does my heart good to see them run like that. The two Cardis I have .......have brought great joy to our home. I wish I had had them sooner.

  2. Yes what a great picture, obviously loving it :-)


  3. I love the pure glee in his eyes! I love it when our Cardis run with such abandonment!

  4. Great pictures! The joy on Wilson's face makes me want to run on the beach, too (well, almost).


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