Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photographic Definition of Irony

We planned a little getaway for the long Valentine's Day / President's Day weekend. We decided to head down to our condo in Myrtle Beach, SC. We wanted to get away from all the snow we have here and let the dogs have a few days to romp without slipping and sliding, or getting bogged down in over-their-heads snow.

We headed out after work last Friday. We hit horrendous traffic on 95 South but the roads were clear of snow, just heavily loaded with cars. We were interested to see when we would clear the snow zone and start to see grass once again. That came somewhere south of Richmond, Va. We stopped for gas in Wilson, NC (yes, they named a town after my dog!) and couldn't believe it when we saw it was starting to snow. We figured it was just a fluke, gassed up, and continued on. The further south we went, the heavier the snow fell. After a while, it started to stick to the highway, but not too badly. Thirty minutes more and we were getting nervous. By Fayetteville, NC, it was snowing so hard and the road got so slippery, we called it quits and grabbed a motel for the rest of the night.

It took about two hours to complete our trip the next morning. We were greeted by a very rare sight in SC and even rarer at the beach: SNOW! Yes, they got several inches of snow in Myrtle Beach! Alot had melted by the time we arrived, but I was able to snap these pictures of snow on palm trees!

So, we went south to escape the snow, and found even more snow! But, how cool it to see it way down south?

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