Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So That's Where It Went!

I admit it. I throw like a girl. What can I say.....I threw this tennis ball for one of the boys last summer sometime. It never reached the ground and of course caused a bit of canine confusion.
Once the leaves fell, it's fate became apparent. We have had many highly windy days of late, with 50 mph gusts. This ball has stubbornly remained in it's spot. Click to get a larger view....


  1. When it finally falls -- someday -- the dogs will think it's a gift from heaven.

  2. That was actually a very good shot

    Wizz :-)

  3. That is hilarious--just the other day I was at work throwing balls for Zoey--I throw like SUCH a girl! I kept hoping nobody I knew would walk by and see my pathetic ball throwing skills--I'd probably end up hitting them with the ball anyway.


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