Sunday, January 3, 2010


Wilson got his annual exam notice from his vet yesterday. It says he is due for his Senior exam! To that I say, What the Heck?! He is most certainly NOT a senior! But alas, he does turn seven in May, and I guess the computer did the math and decided seven qualified as a senior. I don't think Cardigans even begin to seem old at seven. I see no signs of slowing down, nor any gray fur yet. I'd say seven is pretty darn the prime of life, wouldn't you?


  1. Shoot! Sam didn't finish his breed championship until he was nearly 8! And all of his agility titles came between 7 and 9 years of age. No, 7 certainly isn't old for a Cardi.

  2. Sabrina, my Sam granddaughter, will be 7 in April. Actually 2 days before the National week starts so she can be shown in Veterans. And no, she does not act senior at all - but will be competing in rally & agility in 2010!

  3. I think it is just a revenue enhancement for your vet!!

    And since Spencer is actually older than Wilson (always the pushy one, he was the first one out of mamma) we heartily agree that nobody in our house is a senior!!

  4. Yes this sounds like a way to get some more cash off you ;-)

    Wizz :-0


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