Sunday, December 13, 2009

There's been another Collision!!!

Yesterday was a very fun day! Once again the blog worlds have collided! Janet from Simple Things and Laura from LibertyGirl where visiting Shirley in MD, only about an hour from me. They were so thoughtful and gave me an invitation to come visit. And you know what?!! Laura brought her PUPPIES with her! I was in heaven! Puppy breath, puppy antics, and, yes, puppy pictures! Here are a whole bunch in no particular order:

A couple of these adorable little babies are still looking for their new home, so be sure to check in with Laura if you are interested!


  1. THANK YOU for bringing some puppy love to blogland.... I needed this! Hopefully next week I get to see Pumi babies!

  2. Lovely puppy pictures. They have great ears :-)


  3. how could you not keep one??!!!! omg cute!

  4. Believe me, I would love to have brought one home! I loved the little mismark boy! He was just adorable. I also liked the little girl with the "bride of frankenstein" ear markings. That white inside her ears was just so cute. But 3 dogs would be pushing the limits of my neighborhood and my budget! Whoever gets these beauties will be so lucky! They all have wonderful dispositions!


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