Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Maze

Our house is situated on a court of five houses that are fanned out around a center island of grass. John had the fun idea of building a snow maze on the island and then hiding food here and there that the dogs would need to search out. We play "Find It" in the house all the time so it didn't take much for them to catch on.

Here's the overall scene, with our neighbor's dog playing too.

The food was placed up on the edges of the snow walls so the scent would spread as well as the food would not get trampled too much.

Jimmy taking a break....Solving a maze is tough work!

Wilson striking a pose.......

John trying to give some pointers to Wilson......

More searching by Wilson.........

Jimmy on the prowl.........

Both boys still searching. It's hard to give up on hotdog pieces!

And here is Jimmy having a successful gulp, albeit a rather snowy bite of hotdog.


  1. Too cute - but holy heck that's a lotta snow!!! BRRRRR

  2. I'm thinking it must be like our snows -- notice the short sleeved shirt -- great fun for your dogs though!

  3. Wow - That's a lot of snow - I think you will be having a white Christmas. Janet and I sorta wished that had happened while we were there, but then again, we had enough bad weather to drive home in the weekend before.
    You should meet us in NYC in Feb. and Cheer for Scout at "The Garden"!

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