Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Outing

We always use the long Thanksgiving weekend to get our holiday decorations up and also find some festive activities to kick off the season. This year we decided to go see the tree lighting at the National Harbor. The harbor is a relatively new (an very upscale) tourist destination on the Potomac River just outside DC on the Maryland side. (Back in the nineties, this location was a quiet secluded cove where boaters would come to raft up and everyone would waterski and float the hot summer days away. We kept a boat at a DC marina back then and enjoyed this little corner of the Potomac many times. Boy, what a change this fancy waterfront is!) The tree was inside the Gaylord National Hotel in their atrium. It was quite beautiful. Here are a few photos from the lighting.

To give you a sense of scale; the buildings you see are full size houses, only a bit smaller than the house I live in. You can see a person on the balcony of the left house. What you can see is the second story to these buildings. The lower level had shops in it.

The tree itself was made of glass and was very beautiful.

In front of the tree was a fountain that would shoot water sixty feet up toward the ceiling.

Outside the hotel were many lighted trees.

Wandering around outside was a pretty gal dressed in a Christmas tree dress......

It was a VERY windy day, so we didn't spend as much time out by the river as we would have liked. It was just too chilly! So we went inside an ice display given by the hotel where they maintained the area at 20 degrees! And we thought it was cold outside. For my next post I have lots of pictures of the amazing ice sculptures we saw......

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