Monday, November 2, 2009

In mud up to our eyeballs...........

and in off and on rain all day......Jimmy managed to pull off a TRIPLE Q !!!! Our agility trial yesterday was at the farm I talked about in my very first post, the one with llamas and emus. Well after several days of rain during the week, and lots of rain Saturday and Sunday, the agility rings could pretty much be described as bogs. I have never seen so many dirty dogs, and dirty handlers. We all had mud up to our knees and shoes you couldn't even see because the were encrusted with an inch of mud.

In this mess, Jimmy ran Novice FAST first, the Send being a jump to a teeter, and got 70 points for a first place ribbon. This completed his Novice FAST title (NF).

Next, it was Novice Jumpers, where he missed his weave entry( a first for that mistake) and was incredulous that I tried to get him to do it over. After much pleading and time wasting, he did it right and we flew through the rest of the course. Despite the slow time, we still Q'd and even got second place. This completed his Novice JWW title (NAJ).

Finally, it was Novice Standard, where we had yet to Q due to table issues. Today was a sit on the table. We flew through the course, and it was Aframe to table, so going fast, Jimmy bounced off the back of the table, Crap! But he came back, and I asked him to Front instead of sit to see if that would help. And it sure did! He finished the table. Yippee! He also refused the teeter, another odd mistake, but not enough to NQ us. So, even with 2 mistakes, we Q'd in Standard. YEA! And we even managed to place with a 4th.

So, a muddy, dirty, wet and gross ring is obviously Jimmy's thing or at least it brought us good luck! I even managed to stay upright in all that slippery stuff!

Jimmy is now Fine Creek's Sharp Dressed Man NAJ NF CGC. This little man ROCKS!


  1. GREAT weekend! Congratulations -- didn't you get extra points for slogging through it in the mud?

  2. Congrats to you and the Jet Boy! Brother Bobby says "Rock on Brother Jimmy!"

  3. Yeah Jimmy! Way to go. Congratulations on your new letters.

  4. congrats on a great weekend! where are the mud pictures? :o)


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