Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Final Trial of the Season for Jimmy

Well, today was my last agility trial for 2009. It was at the same equestrian center as a couple trials back. Today we had much nicer weather, sunny and low 70's.

Jimmy's first run of the day was his first try in Open JWW. He did a really nice job, but, alas, dropped one bar. He had 44 seconds to get it done, and only used 33.

We then had many hours to wait until Novice STD. That was filled with rolling in horse poop, and eating as much horse poop as possible. It was very fresh horse poop, so extra good!

Novice STD finally rolled around at 3 pm. The judge, a very fun guy named Scott Stock who played great music for our walk through, gave us a very generous 69 seconds. He measured some very wide turns! Jimmy did his table, a sit, on the very first try. No bounce off then back on, just a nice quick sit. (Of course he did, I had just bought a table from the agility equipment company that was supplying the rings.) Jimmy also did his weaves on the first try, good boy!
He did everything just right and finished with a Clean Run! He also came in 33 seconds under time, yes, 33 seconds! Yet again, he earned his Rocketman nickname.
His very nice performance netted him the blue ribbon, well worth the long, end-of-day wait. I am very pleased with his first season, and I am very proud of this wild little boy!


  1. excellent!! And with those fast times you will be celebrating a MACH in no time!!!

  2. Good jobb-- horse poop perfume and all!

  3. Congrats again from Brother Bobby!


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