Saturday, September 26, 2009

We now interupt the regularly scheduled programming!

We need to take a break from the "All Beach, All the Time" programming with this news flash from the Agility World.....

Jimmy attended his second trial today. It was a gray and dreary day with off and on rain. The temps were pleasant and cool which was nice.

In his Jumpers run he scored a perfect 100, finishing in just 27 seconds. While very wonderful, he was still outrun by a Papillion, who finished in 21 seconds! (The SCT was 45 seconds.) Egads was that ever fast! So, we very happily took home the pretty red 2nd place ribbon.

We didn't have quite as much success in the Standard ring. The rain had really picked up for starters. Jimmy was perfect up until the 3rd to last obstacle, the table. This seems to be our current nemesis. He sassed me, he jumped off to see the judge, then jumped off a couple more times just for good measure, and enough to NQ us. Table trouble is pretty common with green dogs so we will just have to work through it. Wilson did his share of NQing from that platform as well.....

All in all, I was very pleased with Jimmy's performance. He got the weaves on the first try on both runs, he never knocked a bar even with wet slippery grass. Really, he did a great job!

Now, back to the All Beach Network.......


  1. that's great news! would you want to lie down on a cold wet table? i thought not. :o) it'll come!

  2. Jimmie seems to have the picture -- he'll just get faster and more reliable. Good job!

  3. Wow - i can't imagine running ANY course that fast! Amazing!!! You guys rock!!


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