Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Day on the Water

Jet Boys

Here's a scene you don't see to often, dogs riding on a jetski. Our boys happily ride along on our jetski, especially since they know it means it will be a day of swimming. This is the Potomac River, north of Washington, DC and Great Falls. This part of the river is wide and pretty shallow. It has lots of islands where we can beach the jetski and let the boys run wild. It is located close to home, so it's a convenient place to play in the water. The jetski is a big three-seater, so Jimmy rides in between us on the seat and Wilson prefers to ride in the footwell with his face pushed out into the wind. Of course, we are very careful, and hold on tightly to their vest handles, and drive slowly......

An easy swim with the vests still on......

Keeping their distance!


  1. Synchronized dog swimming -- a must in the training collection. Looks like everyone (human and dog) had a great time.

  2. Lucky dogs!

    When we were at the beach last week, Spence went to visit some folks who had pulled their boat up to the beach. I think he was trying to talk them into taking him for a spin!

  3. Must be the day for NOVA/WDC cardi swimming. Bobby is slam worn out from his swim session at the Pet Resort.

  4. Where do you put in algonkian? I'm a new jetski owner in leesburg looking for places to ride close to home


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