Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: What Would Your Dog Do for a Jones Natural Chew?......Oh! And a GiveAway, Too!

Flea and the kind folks at Jones Natural Chews sent Jimmy and Wilson some of their all natural, made in the good ol' USA treats to try out. We received  Lamb Lung Puffs (just what it sounds like, sort of Lamb Cheetos in texture) and Windee Rings (chewy beef trachea). Now I am really picky about what my guys eat. It's important to me that the treats are wholesome, free of artificial ingredients, and made and sourced here in the United States. So of course, the products sold by Jones Natural Chews fit the bill perfectly. 

First, we tried the Lamb Lung Puffs. These come in large, light-weight slabs. They have a nice crunchy texture, but they don't crumble like a biscuit would. The really nice thing about these is you can snap them down into small training treat sized squares with no trouble at all. Jimmy is my agility dog, and as a result gets lots of training treats when we do our practice. I need the pieces to be small, but also extra-tasty and high value so he wants to work for them. These Lamb Puffs got Jimmy very excited!

Look at him go! He's zig-zagging for that bag!

Next up, Wilson got to try a Windee Ring. These are a much more chewy treat and not one you can break into small chunks, at least not without scissors. The point of these is a nice longer lasting chew. Now Corgis are well known for their strong chewing jaws, and Wilson's are no exception! He made his Windee last for about three minutes. Having a camera in his face may well have accelerated the pace of his chewing! You never know when the camera or maybe the person behind the camera is going to try and steal a bite of your Windee!

Where Jimmy had to practice his weaves, I had Wilson show us his strong self-control in the face of overwhelming food desire! Here he is in total concentration mode.....

I didn't make him wait too long. That would be mean! Here he is in full out chewing glory. You can see this is a sturdy treat a dog can really get his teeth into!

I think this next photo says it all. Can't you just feel the doggy ecstasy?

MMM-MM! This Windee is freakin' AWESOME! Heaven in a dog chew!
Both of these treats were very well received by my dogs. For that matter, I kept the taste testing sessions separate so there was no worry of brotherly competition while I was busy trying to film them enjoying their new taste sensations! I was provided these treats at no cost, but the opinions expressed are all Jimmy's and Wilson's! I know my dogs and I know they loved both of these great treats! Thank you Jones Natural Treats for letting us sample such doggy goodness!

Now the Jones' generosity doesn't stop with Jimmy and Wilson. They are also willing to send one of you a bag to sample as well! You get your choice of a bag of Lamb Puffs or a bag of Windee Rings. I'm not much into those Rafflecopter doohickeys, so I'm going to make it really easy to sign up for this giveaway. Just leave me a comment, telling me what your dog would do for a Jones Natural Chew. I will use Random.org to select the winner for me. I will announce the winner next  Tasty Tuesday. That lucky person will need to provide me with their name/address/choice of treat that I will forward to Flea and JNC so they can mail you your prize directly. (You must be a US resident to be eligible for the prize.)

You really don't want to miss out on a chance to win some of these great treats!
 Get busy and leave a comment!
What would your dog do for a delicious Jones Natural Chew?

Click HERE to find a list of stores that sell JNC in your area.


  1. Hi Taryn. You know my Corgis and they are typical food mongers! They would do anything for a good treat! The Lamb Lung Puffs sound like fantastic training treats. Gretchen and The Corgi Gang

  2. We can see they went down well and the boys enjoyed them. Nice one. Pawsome weaves Jimmy. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Owen, my Pembroke, is a typical Corgi.... food obsessed. Treats are used as an incentive to allow me to massage and manipulate his surgically repaired hind leg. I'm also concerned about the quality of the treats and food I give him and am always on the lookout for US source/manufactured treats.

  4. BOL so you will do anything for one those tasty treats
    Lily & Edward

  5. BOL Wilson's face is priceless! He sure is LOVING his Jones Chew! And oh, look at Jimmy go! How many treats was he allowed to grab from the bag after that weave? Happy Tasty Tuesday.

  6. Jo and the Cardi GirlsJuly 22, 2014 at 10:32 AM

    Hi Taryn!
    You know some of my girls -
    Bug would, well, she'd do anything I asked her to do for a JNC (she's just that kind of girl)!
    Kid would make her cutest faces and remind me that "Princesses are supposed to be fed tasty treats, not work for them!"
    Jam has just learned about barn hunt, so says she'd find all the rats for a JNC (but she wouldn't share them with the rats).
    Go Team Cardi!

  7. Oh what a fun post!!! Love the weaves...
    Hugs madi

  8. Wilson sure looks happy
    Retro rover
    Ps that's so sweet if u to enter the give way

  9. Great post! I am not entering since I am doing my Jones review next week and B is pretty well stocked with these treats. Love the expressions - these treats really are pretty great!

  10. We got a sample of the lamb lungs from blog paws. We would love some more!

  11. Lamb Cheetos! Man alive! If that wasn't trade marked, it would so rock as a name. I'm glad your boys liked the treats! Now I want Cheetos ...

  12. Oh My :-)LOVE the video. What a tasty treat to have. Happy Tasty Tuesday. Golden Woofs

  13. That video is hilarious!!! You guys sure do loves those treaties!!
    I gets freeze dried beef lung that is just FABulous! It's my favorite treatie! I have never tried the lamb lung...I bets they are pawsome too!
    Okays, now I'm droolin'....
    Ruby ♥

  14. From the look on Wilson's face, I think Bentley and Pierre would do ANYTHING for a JNC treat!! His expression is pure ecstasy for sure!

  15. For a Jones Natural Chew, my little shih Tzu , Toby, will jump in my arms. I think that's a cool trick.

  16. Crystal and Jill say they will reframe from their fun police duties if all the Lyberty dogs get a chance to try these yummy treats....well, not really but Lego and Magic hope they will leave them alone while they eat the treats....lol

  17. I use JNC as my jackpot treats for Shiloh after a good agility run. After leaving the ring, we run back to our crate and while he gets treats no matter what, if we qualified (or if he did a particularly hard sequence well, or improved somewhere...) he gets his special treats- lung puffs or chicken taffy. He goes nuts for them.
    LyricInTime2803 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  18. That weave video is absolutely awesome!

    Nola and Pike would go crazy for the Lamb Lung Puffs. Nola's had them before, and we used them as "nail clipping treats". Now we'd use them for leg weaves and learning to climb a ladder (Nola), and heel work (Pike).

  19. Mr. N would jump through a hoop for the lamb lung.

  20. We have never tried them but from what we have heard, they are wonderful so Prince would do about anything for one. The big boy is not very proud in his treat addiction :) Nadie on the other hand ...

  21. Jimmy and Wilson are too cute! I love his weaving. Pierson hasn't mastered weaving yet, but I bet if I had some lung puffs, he would. :)

  22. awesome review and Jimmy deserved the whole bag after that run!

  23. There is little the baddogs would not do for a tasty treat. Anything agility from Chase, perch, sit, circus-up for Salsa, sleep (and maybe rollover) for old Inca, stand, sit, drool for Daisy.

  24. Guess in my vacation hiatus I missed this great post!! My boys would love these. Loved the video!!!


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