Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wilson's Odd Habit

Wilson has an odd but rather endearing habit of rolling up in area rugs. When the mood strikes him, usually when he wants to play or he wants human attention, he starts by putting his head down/butt up and pushes along until his head is covered by the area rug. All the while he's making the silly little grunts and groans we all know as Cardi-speak. He then rolls around until his whole body is under the rug. He'll even do it with his heavy round bed. He especially loves it when we egg him on!

Here's a recent example....

In the upstairs office is a small round rug. Every single morning, before heading down to the kitchen, Wilson will go in and roll around on and under the rug. He even has to bypass the steps to get to the office. We have a running joke about how well he slept and how good the day will be based on how rumpled up the rug is left. Some days he rolls with extra gusto, others just a quick flip of one corner. It's really quite adorable.


  1. That's adorable. Our cardis are such goofs!

  2. That is an odd one. Sam likes to play "Where's Sammy?" I'll be lying on the couch or in bed with him and I'll pull the blankets up over my head and say "Where's Sammy?" He then pounces on the edge of the blanket to pull it down so I can "find" him. Moira likes the "Gitcha, gitcha" game where I chase her around pretending I'm going to grab her. I tried it with Conner once and he was terrified.

  3. Brother Spencer has a similar obsession with burrowing under the covers. I don't have any area rugs in the house - may have to get one to see what he does!

  4. Grace does that too, and with the couch quilt she will roll herself up like a burrito.


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