Sunday, April 21, 2019

The End of an Era

Our Saviour of the Heart
Wilson 5/23/2003 - 4/20/2019
Wilson came into our lives when we had just suffered the loss of our first Cardigan Dylan at the age of nearly 17. Wilson instantly had huge shoes to fill and fill them he did! He was a gentle old soul from day one. A quiet reserved gentleman that preferred to hang in the background. But that didn't mean he lacked for personality or the Cardigan sense of humor. He loved his people fiercely! Very quickly our broken hearts were on the mend as this sweet boy worked his magic.
Wilson was a smart pup who enjoyed pleasing his people. He was my Novice A agility dog and got me started on a hobby I have loved for years now. We also dabbled in Rally and Herding, allowing Wilson to earn the CWCCA's Versatile Cardigan award. But his most favorite activity if he could pick it was to swim
and fetch sticks from the water. You didn't dare say "Wanna go swimming?!" if his leash was off. He was off and running for the neighborhood lake as fast as his legs could go!
He was an extremely handsome guy and always garnered many compliments wherever he went. He also just "got it" when it came to photographs and posing. He was a supermodel extraordinaire!
Somewhere along the years, as it always does, age caught up to him. In September of 2017 he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Failure and we were told he likely had less than 6 months to live. Wilson always had a strong stubborn streak and he wasn't about to let bad kidneys be the end of him. He plugged doggedly along, fighting the ups and downs of his disease. So the old guy that was supposed to pass away more than a year ago was still with us when the very bad news about Jimmy's cancer was given. Wilson had one more task to complete. He had to comfort us as we lost Jimmy so unexpectedly. He came into our lives to heal a broken heart and he stayed in our lives far longer than expected so he could help one more time with broken hearts.
We could ask no more of Wilson. He was worn out and oh so tired, the kidney failure finally winning the battle. Yesterday we helped Wilson cross the bridge to where his body could find the peace he has so earned. Don't tell Wilson, but of course our hearts are now more broken than ever.
Thank you for sharing your life with us, Wilson. We will love you forever!
Having lost both Jimmy and Wilson within a 72 hour period has left us shell-shocked and hollow. Even with Cedar to comfort and distract us, the house is painfully empty. I have strong feeling it will be a long time indeed before life feels normal again.


  1. This is heartbreaking news. Oh, Wilson. Your many adventures, which your mom documented so beautifully, including in the photo on our mantle, will remain with me always. Goodbye, sweet boy.

  2. So sad. There are tears for you in our corner of the world today. To have two of your boys gone so closely together. Cedar does have a big job....

  3. So sorry to hear about losing Wilson so soon after losing Jimmy. My heart and pawprints go out to you and your family. Wilson was such a beautiful boy...

  4. We are so sad to hear about your doggies. Sending lots of hugs and cocker spaniel kisses.

  5. This is heartbreaking to lose Wilson so soon after Jimmy. Sending you pug hugs and prayers for comfort
    Mabel & Mom

  6. Oh my goodness - now I am really crying. Wilson always seemed like a purely sweet yand wonderful dog. He knew that you still needed him... so he stayed. Now he’s at peace. I hope that your hearts can find peace too before too long.


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